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 C N' R Lawn N' Landscape is a premier Lawn service company serving Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Excelsior, Shorewood, Deephaven, Edina and Hopkins

CN'R Lawn N' Landscape Services
Progress Updates!

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Sprinkler System Settings - Eden Prairie, Minnetonka and nearby cities

Sprinkler System Settings

Sprinkler System Settings - Eden Prairie, Minnetonka and nearby cities

CN'R Perennial planting - think warm!

Spring is here and the planting of trees, shrubs, and perennials is underway! C N’R offers planting of many sorts as just a part of the large array of landscape project services we provide through the summer.
Check out our SERVICE PAGE to get more details on all the services available. And checking out our PICTURE GALLERY is a great visual resource to view our great results of past landscape projects.
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Lawn Edging - Turf Edging C N’ R’s seasonal Turf Edging will begin during the week of June 6th and last a couple weeks after that. This “first round” will be completed by the end of June. The “second round” plan is to commence in the beginning of August. More on that much later.
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Perennials and tree and shrub planting

Memorial Day

CNR Lawn N' Landscape -

We hope you and your families have happy and safe extended Memorial Day weekend as we remember those who have served for our country and our freedom throughout the years!

Spring / Summer Fertilizer Applications

Dandelion spraying - weeds - CN'R Lawn N' landscape

APP #2 (Broadleaf weed control) is in progress.
APP #3 (Granular Fert) will commence on the heels of the completion of APP #2.
INSECTICIDES: Detecting a lot of Grubs affecting turf; hence our insecticide APPS are underway.
GYPSUM APP? Some being applied, depends on weather conditions, completed by end of June.
SOIL SAMPLES In progress

A lot more details about all applications stated above RIGHT HERE!


Dandelion spraying - weeds - CN'R Lawn N' landscape  

Spring Aeration Time is Here

CNR Lawn N' Landscaping - Aeration

C N’ R is currently conducting aeration for “signed-up” spring Core Aeration customers. Expect this to last into the first couple weeks of June.

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Sprinkler System Start-ups Are Currently In Progress!

CNR Lawn N' Landscaping - Sprinkler Irrigation


C N’ R continues to open sprinkler systems during late-May and into early June. All “signed up” customers have been contacted or attempted to be contacted for scheduling.

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Landscaping Projects

CNR Lawn N' Landscape - Landscaping Services

Landscaping season has begun, but don’t let the big toys scare you! We are a full landscape design and build outfit that offers impeccable project results. Better your landscapes and get it done right by C N’R!
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CN'R Lawn N' Lansdcape - Landscaping and more 

C N'R Weekly Mowing Service

Weekly Lawn Mowing by CN'R Lawn N' Landscape

We provide a weekly mowing, trimming, and grass clipping clean up service through the entire summer.

Take the struggle of pushing around a lawn mower on your beloved Saturday or Sunday and choose C N’R as your service provider! Sign up NOW to secure a spot on our limited weekly mowing schedule. These schedules do fill fast…ACT NOW! We are always available for FREE ESTIMATES!

CN'R Winter Weather Prediction

Although all “scheduled” spring gutter cleaning has been completed, C N’R is still and always available for our VERY popular gutter cleaning service this spring and into Summer. DO NOT get caught with clogged gutters and a downpour of rain. FREE ESTIMATES available for this service!.

Gutter Cleaning

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CNR Lawn N' Landscape - Landscaping Services - Patio Stone Paver

Craig's Weather Corner

Spring CN'R Lawn N' Landscape in and near Eden Prairie and MinnetonkaCraig’s 2015-2016 Winter predictions can be FOUND HERE with the final statistical updates for the season. Craig was just 2.9” away from the actual total of snow and just one day off on 1st snowfall! 
ALSO: Read Craig’s take on how El Nino may/may not affect our spring weather and severe weather season.
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CN'R Lawn N' Landscape - Patio paver landscaping

C N' R Lawn N' Landscape serves the following cities in Minnesota: Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Excelsior, Shorewood, Deephaven, Hopkins, Western Edina, and St. Louis Park.