CN'R Lawn N' Landscape Weekly MowingSuggested Sprinkler System Settings

CN'R Lawn N' Landscape - Sprinkler SystemsNOTE: Please keep in mind of your mowing day if C N' R services your grass. - Ultimately, try not to water on the same day.  If you do water on the same day, please have your sprinklers done with the final zone for water prior to 6am. Thank You!


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UPDATED: 10/3/17: :

Due to all the recent heavy rains, you should have your sprinkler system OFF now until you have it shut down and winterized for the season. If you are on C N’R's sprinkler winterization list, then you will be notified soon (if you have not been notified yet) about your scheduled date for this service. Please go to PROGRESS UPDATES for more information about C N’R sprinkler winterization process. If you are waiting for a different provider to come shut down your system, once again, just have your sprinkler systems turned off until then. No need to run them.

Current Suggested Sprinkler System Settings / Times FOR WATERING EVERY OTHER DAY


Rotor Heads
Sun = OFF
Sun/shade = OFF
Shade = OFF

Sprayer Heads
Sun = OFF
Sun/Shade = OFF
Shade = OFF


CN'R Irrigation - Sprinkler Settings

We suggest that you water 2-3x per day for short periods of time. Maybe 5 to 10 minutes max. You do not want to water enough where the seed can move from running water. Seed needs to sit in place in a moist area to germinate.

We suggest you water one-time per day. If it is a shady area, then you should NOT have sodded that area as shade seed is the appropriate choice (there is no such thing as shade sod). If it is an area that is sun and shade, depending on the current weather conditions of course - watering the sod for about 25-35 minutes per day should be sufficient. If it is a very sunny area, then we suggest about 35-45 minutes per day. These suggested watering times should be used only until new sod has “taken” (or rooted).