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Detailed below is some important policy information.
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Fuel Surcharge Policy

Fuel prices are always unpredictable of course, but with the rise in fuel prices over recent years and in line with others in the immediate and similar service industries; C N'R implemented a "Fuel Surcharge Policy" that took affect on April 1st, 2006. Upon thoroughly investigating other company's policies, we feel our surcharge system is fair within our industry and competitors and will compensate for future unpredictable fuel price hikes.
This policy is in place in lieu of changing contract prices depending on fuel prices during the previous year, or what the forecast for the upcoming year may be.

A fuel surcharge of 2% of the total invoice will go into effect when fuel prices reach $2.50 per gallon. An additional 0.5% of the total invoice will be charged for each additional $0.25 per gallon thereafter.

We will be using the average price per gallon of fuel over each month to determine when to assess these charges and at what percentage.

We appreciate your understanding and we thank you for your continued business.
Thank you,
 C N' R Lawn N' Landscape Inc.

Invoice, Payments and Credit Cards

For Invoice, Payment and Credit Card Payment information, please visit out payments page. Thank you!

Referral Policy

As always, we greatly appreciate any referral given by a customer. C N' R Lawn Care has grown its reputation with dedication to customer service. Knowing that we are being referred is one of the biggest compliments our business can receive after putting in so much time and effort to satisfy customer after customer.

C N' R will credit any current customer a bonus to their account for any referral in the future. It is the least that we can do to say thanks for spreading our name to other people interested in services that we provide.

Thank you,
 C N' R Lawn N' Landscape Inc

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