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C N' R LAWN N' LANDSCAPE HAS A GREAT SELECTION OF THE MOST POPULAR LANDSCAPING ROCK! Each of the rock types in our selection come in several sizes: from Class 5, through the most common sizes, up to big boulders!

To assist with the rock choices, C N' R has added the dollar sign price rating system! Prices range from 1 dollar sign for the least expensive: $  to 5 dollar signs for the most expensive: $$$$$



Click on any of the rock photos below to go to  a page dedicated to that rock type!

CN'R Lawn N' Landscape - Decorative Rock Selection


Natural Mulch

C N' R Lawn N' Landscape - Decorative Rock - White Limestone
White Limestone $$$$$

C N' R Lawn N' Landscape - Decorative Rock - Grey Trap Rock
Grey Trap Rock $$$$

CNR - Bulk Deliveries - Dump Truck 
Bulk Deliveries Available!