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Since childhood, Craig has had great interest in the weather.  Severe Weather, trends, predictions and Winter weather.  That interest has turned into a hobby on this page.  Here you will find Craig's periodic 2-3 Month weather predictions along with his Winter Weather predictions!
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(updated August 1st, 2017)
**LOOK FOR Craig’s Winter Weather Predictions and Blog coming very late October!**

Well, to start it off here, I know on my last blog I was talking about the developing heat wave in the SW United States. And at the time of my previous update, it was already forecasted and developing. My concern was how large this type of heat wave was going to get, and how long it would last. Since my update in June here, we definitely have seen off and on heat waves still occurring down there. And it seems to be doing this at this time of update as well in August, and forecast models still spill some significant heat in the SW/West in August. How that would affect our weather pattern was uncertain at the time, but obviously now, we know it did somewhat. Have we felt that type of heat here in the upper midwest? Not really. We’ve been hot, but more humid than hot. This pattern with the heat in the SW is causing a similar pattern as a La Nina type of winter pattern - which is definitely brining us more NW to SE moving type of storm systems quickly moving through our area. We warm up quick, short lived, then storms/rain develop…we cool down…then hit repeat as we warm back up. This type of pattern is likely to continue for the next month or two which should keep us out of super dry conditions, should give us bouts of hot/humid weather, and should give us some really nice days in-between. Sampler platter!

For the month of August, NOAA has forecasted it to be cooling down in the central U.S. and compressing the hotter weather more toward the west coast. This nudges better chances at below normal temperatures into MN than receiving above normal temperatures. But, the 3 month outlook (Aug/Sept/Oct from NOAA expresses better chances at MN being above normal for temperatures. Interesting to say the least, because consistency is not there. I would bet a lot on a month of August very similar to what July gave us…continuing with a sampler platter of weather.
Precipitation should be similar to July as well - depends where the storms do develop when we do get these NW to SE disturbances pushing through.

SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER FORECAST? This pushes us into fall, and September looks to be the same with equal chances at above/below normal temperatures, and equal chances at above/below normal precipitation. See my ocean temperature update below and it will explain why this period will be tough to exactly forecast at this time. Will need to monitor possible changing conditions, but currently, there are no indications of change in site when it comes to the ocean temps and their influence on the weather pattern.

To start it off, I did see Paul Douglas comment to someone (on Twitter) about what it is looking like for winter. Although, an accurate forecast for our winter to come at this time is almost impossible, Paul Douglas does say that Winter has better chances at being warmer than cooler. With that said, I agree with him somewhat, but once again, there are equal chances of any type of weather at this time going into winter. Until we see a definite change in ocean temps to affect our pattern or more model runs that suggest this, it is going to be tough to predict winter. Ocean temps are sitting very near normal, and most models are holding this idea until further notice. Some indications that it could be a very nice fall once again here in MN, and a warmer than normal start to winter, but looks colder than average January and February. Precipitation does look to also have equal chances of being above or below normal, but I am leaning towards a pattern similar to this summer where we do get more frequent chances at precipitation whether it is rain, snow, or a mixed bag. Just because it might be a bit warmer than normal this winter does not mean we are going to see a bunch of liquid form of precipitation. We can still be above normal in temps during a particular winter and still experience a lot of snow. With this summer’s pattern being warm like El Nino, and a storm patter similar to La Nina - not going to lie - things are a bit weird right now. Where will things go? Just need to monitor and stop talking about it - and update as models and/or patterns suggest change.

**LOOK FOR Craig’s Winter Weather Predictions and Blog coming very late October!
    Check back then for the big prediction!

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