CN'R Lawn N' Landscape - Fall Irrigation ShutdownFall Irrigation Shutdown

Service Information

Fall IRRIGATION SHUTDOWN consists of a step by step process in which C N'R visits the property to fully winterize the Irrigation system in order to properly survive the cold Winter months ahead.

The process consists of:

1.  C N'R turns off the outside water supply from the inside of the house

2.  C N'R  turns the valves of the back flow system to half off / half open.

3.  Remove and store the plug (attached to the backflow system)

4.  Hook up the large compressor to the now open backflow system

5.  Systematically turn on each respective irrigation zone and blow out the water lines and sprinkler heads.

6.  Unplug the control box and pull out the back-up battery if applicable.

Service Photos

C N'R Lawn N' Landscape takes great pride in the quality of their work. These pictures display some of past Irrigation System Shutdown visits.  CN'R will run several teams during the shutdown season, generally in October.

It should be noted; the photos with snow in them are from that crazy 2010 Winter season we had in which our first measurable snowfall came in EARLY OCTOBER!


Click on any of the irrigation photos below to see a larger photo!

 Professional Fall Irrigation Sprinkler System Shutdown

 Professional Fall Irrigation Shutdown 

 Professional Fall Irrigation Shutdown

 Professional Fall Irrigation Shutdown