CN'R Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control ServiceFertilization & Weed, Disease N' Fungus Control

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CN'R Offers a comprehensive 6 Application Fertilization N' Weed Control Program.

Application 1: Slow release granular fertilizer and crab grass pre-emergent

Application 2: Liquid Spray Weed Control - Post Emergent Herbicide to control broadleaf weeds

Application 3: Granular non-phosphorus fertilizer and crab-grass control

Application 4: Liquid Spray Weed Control - Post Emergent Herbicide to control broadleaf weeds

Application 5: Granular non-phosphorus fertilizer

Application 6: Granular winterizer to promote root growth and food storage for the Winter months.


WEED, DISEASE N' FUNGUS NEUTRALIZATION is an extension of the Fertilization Program (See below) offered by C N'R LAWN CARE. We have the ability to identify and rid your lawn of any of these lawn care scourges! If necessary, we will take a sample of the soil, or the offending organism for identification. Rest assured we will make and keep your lawn lush and green! Near the bottom of the page is out Fertilization program specs!

ALL MEMBERS of C N'R Lawn Care are certified lawn chemical application technicians

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C N'R Lawn N' Landscape takes great pride in the quality of their work. Keeping those lawns green and free of weeds is a season's long work with a comprehensive 6 Application service.


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CN'R Soil Sample - Lawn Analysis

Soil Samples Available!

Soil Sample and Lawn Analysis can be a key tool in determining what your lawn has and what it needs in terms of nutrients, diseases and fungus.

Get your Lawn Analysis with soil samples, it is as easy as filling out a FREE ESTIMATE request!


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