CN'R Lawn N' Landscape - Outdoor Pond MaintenanceOutdoor water feature creations along with cleaning / maintenance

Service Information

C N'R LAWN N' LANDSCAPE Installs / creates water features in your landscape! For a relaxing water feature, to drown our neighborhood noise or for the enjoyment of the sound of running water with great conversation.  Water Features look great too!!


C N' R CLEANS AND SERVICES OUTDOOR WATER FEATURES! Spring and Fall, or anytime between - we'll take the hassle and mess off your hands with our professional pond and water feature cleaning and maintenance services!
In addition to cleaning, C N'R will perform maintenance and rebuilds on ponds and fountains including liners, containers, pumps, lighting, rocks, surrounding landscape N' more!


Service Photos

C N' R Lawn N' Landscape takes great pride in the quality of their work! 
Below are some example photos of past pond and fountain cleaning and maintenance along with photos of water feature installation! 


Click on any of the photos below to see a larger photo!

CN'R Lawn N' Landscape - Outdoor Pond Maintenance and Cleaning

 Outdoor Pond Maintenance!