CN'R Lawn N' Landscape - Lawn - grass edgingSidewalk, Driveway, Street Line N' Curb Turf Edging Service

Service Information

For that refined, crisp, pristine look to your lawn along your curbs, sidewalks, boulevard sidewalks, and driveways; C N'R offers professional edging services! We will take out the overhanging grass and any dirt and material that may have gathered along the hard edges of your lawn - and clean up the mess after!
No muss no fuss and a sharp look to your lawn!
This services can be requested at anytime - C N'R recommends twice per year for best results. (Early Summer N' Late Summer)

Service Photos

C N'R Lawn N' Landscape takes great pride in the quality of their work!  Giving lawn / hard surface edges a manicure really puts the finishing touches on a lawn cared for by C N'R!


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CN'R Lawn N' Landscape - Turf Edging

                      Nice clean look!