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UPDATED 11/13/17:

Weather delays that have been occurring often through the fall season disrupting our very important fall services has made things difficult. Why? Well, this affects our ability to get holiday lighting displays up earlier than later - and definitely makes it difficult to make every dead line. The truth to the matter this season will definitely be delays in our holiday lighting service. This is totally out of control with the conditions we have been experiencing weather-wise. C N’R team members will do their best to get holiday lights up as soon as possible. We do apologize ahead of time for having trouble meeting deadlines. It is in-evident that some disappointment and/or timing frustration will develop because of these issues. Once gain, we are sorry.
As we move on here through mid-later November, we will be in contact with scheduling this service with our GREAT customers and try to meet as many deadlines as possible. If you do have any questions about anything within this service we offer, please EMAIL CRAIG.

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Past Updates

UPDATED 11/6/17:

For the first couple weeks here in November, unless we do have extreme weather delays, we cannot schedule and/or focus on holiday lighting displays. Our 100% focus needs to be on fall clean up work and gutter cleaning. As soon as we do have a good grip on these services, then the scheduling process will begin for holiday lighting. Please have patience as this will not start until likely after mid-November. Thanksgiving is on November 23rd, and we will get as many completed as we can before then. And for those displays that do get completed after Thanksgiving, we will complete as soon as we possibly can after that Thanksgiving holiday.

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UPDATED 10/26/17:

C N’R is gearing up for the holiday season, and along with that comes the installation of holiday light decorations.

BUT!….first comes fall clean up work and gutter cleaning. Once we d0 get a good hold on these 2 services listed, then we are able to move onto starting the holiday light process and scheduling.

For now, we do not have any exact plans for scheduling - plans for this will come out between about November 10th-20th. We will update right here as things change or we know more scheduling info.

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UPDATED 10/2/17:

As we are now working through October, the holiday lighting season is nearing quickly. While the weather is nicer, warmer, etc, it is a good idea to talk with a C N’R team member about our holiday lighting display services and start planning early!

When do we usually start installing displays? Somewhere around November 10th-20th is a good answer to that questions, depending on the year, depending on the weather, and depends on how well our fall clean up services is progressing.

If you are looking to be sure you are on our schedule for this service, please simply EMAIL CRAIG. We will be in touch later on.

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Stay tuned for more updates later in October and/or early November.

Thank You - Craig