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The weekly mowing season is officially out of season. We look forward to seeing you all during the spring of 2018. Happy New Year!.

Past Updates

UPDATED 11/6/17: 

Fall clean ups and gutter cleaning are our primary 100% focus until the end of the season at this time. Will anymore weekly mowing take place? Not likely, unless we are completing your fall clean up or we are near your property completing a different fall clean up and we see that your lawn needs a final cut. Please EMAIL RYAN with any questions.

UPDATED 10/26/17: 

At this time, we are completing some sporadic mowing aside from fall clean ups, but once the week of October 30th comes around, full focus will be put on fall clean ups. If you are signed up for fall clean up, you will receive a mow as we clean up. Check out the previous update below which explained the last couple of weeks.

UPDATED 10/16/17: 

Current plan:

LAST WEEK’S MOWING: All regular customer that are mowed on Thursday and Fridays, and a few from our Wednesday schedule - will be mowed this week (week of 10/16) during the Monday-Wednesday timeframe.

THIS WEEK’S MOWING: Later on Wednesday but for sure Thursday and Friday this week, we will be completing “this week’s” regularly schedule Monday/Tuesday & part of Wednesday lawns.

NEXT WEEK’S MOWING (week of 10/23): Starting Mondayish, October 23rd, C N’R mow teams will be concentrating on fall clean up work, and while completing some fall clean up work, we will be touching up lawns that are in need and still growing - in the areas that we are completing fall clean ups.

CONFUSING? Sorry, it is the best way we can explain our plan above. If you have further questions, feel free to EMAIL RYAN.

UPDATED 10/12/17: 

If you read below the past couple updates, you can get up to speed with what has been happening weather-wise, which has proven to be hectic on our mowing schedule.

With that said, we are well into the week of October 9th at the time of this update. On Wednesday, October 11th - we finally started “this week’s” mowing schedule. This means that all lawns will not be cut another time by the end of this week or weekend.

Definitely will have plenty of properties to cut early next week, Monday/Tuesdayish (10/16 & 10/17).

We realize this is much less than perfect, but we are just having a very difficult time catching up. Because it is very near the end of the mowing season, our weekly mowing schedule will continue to be unorthodox.

Once we do complete “this week’s” mowing “next week”, at that time we will start converting crews to fall clean up and mulching crews. Some clean up will begin, some mowing will continue. With the mowing, we will mulch leaves. An exact plan, to say the least, is just not in the cards at this time and we are going to do what we can and play the cards that are dealt to us.

Keep in mind, you can always get an update about your property and the mowing if you send RYAN an EMAIL anytime. We are happy to help and explain the plan at the time of inquiry.

Thank you for your patience!

UPDATED 10/1/17: 

LAST WEEK (week of 9/25): That week started off bad. We thought our mow teams would not be able to finish by the end of Saturday, 9/30, but they did. So, going into the week of 10/2, we are on-schedule with our weekly mowing customers.


THIS WEEK (week of Oct 2): We have experienced another large dose of rain during the day on Sunday, October 1st. Going into Monday, it is at least going to be super wet. With that said, also, at the time of this update during the day on Sunday 10/1 - there is a large chunk of rain yet in the forecast for Sunday night into Monday morning.
This means that likely, Monday will be a tough day for our weekly mowing teams if they are able to get out at all. We will see.
And if that is not enough rain, more in the forecast later Monday and well into Tuesday.

ENOUGH WITH THE DETAILS! Monday and Tuesday, during the week of October 2nd look to be very tough to get much done as far as mowing is concerned. Likely a week worse than the previous week which may not allow our teams to complete the mowing schedule by the end of Saturday, October 7th.

REST OF THE YEAR? We plan to slowly stop our regular weekly mowing schedule starting during the week of October 16th and thereafter. It does not mean we will not be mowing at all, but it does mean that our focus will slowly transition more toward fall clean up work along side weekly mowing, and then 100% fall clean up work by the last week in October.

Of course, any further questions, please EMAIL RYAN.

UPDATED 9/27/17: 

Week of September 25th update: C N’R mow teams were closed down for the entire day on Monday, 9/25. On Tuesday, C N’R mow teams got out in the afternoon for a time as more rain/drizzle occurred during the morning. Our plan for the rest of the week is to continue to mow our weekly customers through Saturday. Because of the time of the year as temps cool down and we are heading to the end of our mowing season, grass is somewhat starting to slow down growing. We realize that it was recently wet and things are still nice and green and still actually growing (at a slower pace). With this said, if our mow teams do not quite finish up all weekly mowing customers by the end of Saturday, they will finish up the following Monday (weather depending) - October 2nd. For any questions and/or concerns, please EMAIL RYAN.
QUICK NOTE: Expect our weekly mowing services to end sometime during the week of October 16th and slowly transfer to fall clean ups.

UPDATED 9/19/17: 

Last week’s mowing was completed on-time - by the end of Friday, September 15th.
This week, or mow teams are a bit behind schedule due to the Monday rains. It is likely we will need to finish up our weekly mowing schedule on Saturday if we cannot catch up by the end of Friday. Going into Wednesday, September 20th - our mow crews are about 1/2 day behind schedule.

UPDATED 9/11/17: 

Last week was a short week. We did not have any mow teams working on Labor Day. And then, we caught up and finished all our weekly mowing accounts on the following Saturday.

CURRENTLY we are into the week of September 11th, and weather looks warm, and pretty dry where completing the weekly mowing schedule on-time this week is a very good possibility. We plan to run our weekly mowing services to around mid-October. Exact dates on this will come at a later time.

UPDATED 8/28/17:  **Due to the holiday, the next update will be provided during the week of 9/11**

IN REVIEW: We had 2 weeks of excessive rainfall that occurred. Let’s put it this, there were more rain days than work days available including weekends these 2 weeks. The two weeks we are talking about are the weeks of 8/14 & 8/21. Both weeks, we were not able to finish all our regularly scheduled weekly mowing customers until the following Monday (of each week).

CURRENT WEEK OF THIS UPDATE (week of 8/28): With all that said above, on Monday, August 28th, we finally finished “last week’s” mowing schedule. Now, once again, we start to re-mow properties once again starting a day late this week. We are truly trying to re-mow everything by the end of Friday. 2 key factors to this: #1: Of course, if it does NOT rain, this is possible. #2: We are attempting to move some of our landscape crew members at the end of the week to help our mow teams out. If all this goes perfect, once again, Friday is very possible to be done with all weekly customers again. I think finishing on Saturday is still a big victory.

LOOKING AHEAD? Because we will not be providing another update until the week of 9/11 (because of the holiday), we want to announce that we possibly will be mowing some lawns on Labor Day - all depends on what the forecast looks like the rest of that week, and how we do the prior week. With a holiday on a Monday, though, even if we do have a perfect weather week that week, we still will be behind schedule for the rest of that week. It is what it is…it is a holiday, but just bad timing to have a holiday when we have already been so far behind the previous couple weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we assure you that we are going our VERY best. Thanks so much for your patience!


UPDATED 8/21/17:
To talk more about what is mentioned on the front page with our “special announcement” - to review, it goes like this:

Week of August 14th - major rains fell this week. It put us way behind schedule. We were not able to complete this particular week’s mowing customers until the following week on Monday, August 21st (which is the date this was update).

Week of August 21st - Rained out once again during the latter half of Monday, August 21st - we were lucky to finish last week’s mowing. Not much if any has been mowed for this current week of 8/21. So, we continue to remain way behind schedule, and it seems this will continue.
C N’R mow teams will work hard to try to catch up and complete all of this week’s mowing (week of 8/21) by the end of the weekend. Highly doubt we will get her done by the end of Friday.

Please have patience through this wet period we are in. We have no control over the weather, and are trying to be as smart as we can of when we can mow, and when we can’t mow. Ryan can help you out with any specific timing questions you may have during any given week.

UPDATED 8/7/17:
Last week ended up presenting a challenge, therefore we were delayed from the rain that did fall. Consequently, we did have to finish up our mowing schedule on Saturday.
THIS WEEK? Week of August 7th - there are no special plans, but it does appear that weather could be shaky during the Wednesday/Thursday time frame once again. Rain that does fall later in the week increases chances for Saturday mowing to finish up because we do not have a lot of time to make up the days or parts of days missed. Please CONTACT RYAN  with any questions or updates throughout the week, especially if rain does occur. He can update you on status.

UPDATED 8/1/17: Last week, we fell behind a bit, but were still able to catch/finish up by the end of Friday still…
We are now into the week of July 31st. Going good to start the week, but 80-100% chances at rain on Thursday will definitely set us back to finishing our weekly mowing schedule on Saturday this weekend. If Thursday, we are shut down, not enough time on Friday to get everything caught up from missing on Thursday, so expect this delay.
If you have further questions or need further updates on Thursday/Friday, feel free to EMAIL RYAN

UPDATED 7/27/17: **Next update will not come until the week of August 7th**

WEEK OF JULY 17TH: We ended up completing all mowing properties by the end of Friday, despite a rocky weather week. Yes, there are a mix of lawns out there that have areas that are too wet to mow, and there are also lawns that have areas that have been too dry that we did skip during this week.

WEEK OF JULY 24TH: This is the current week we are in upon this update. Wednesday, no mow teams were out working from the rain in the morning, and then staying too wet during the afternoon. On Thursday, July 27th - full crews are out working away and will be mowing until late in the evening. There is an outside chance that all weekly mowing customers could get finished up by the end of Friday, but more than likely there will be a neighborhood or 2 left to complete on Saturday morning.

WEEK OF JULY 31ST: This is the week that we will not be providing any updates during. We do not have any special plans for this week for mowing but to do our jobs and hopefully finish up on schedule. Weather does look better this week, so knocking on wood, maybe it will end up being an on-time week.

For further scheduling questions, timing, or just anything relating to weekly mowing, please EMAIL RYAN direct.

UPDATED 7/17/17:
We are now in the heat of the summer. If you are not watering as much as it is needed this time of the year, grass tends to brown out. C N’R mow crews will skip lawns when there is too much brown or if they are not growing. This is a judgment call made by the crew. Please try to stay on top of your watering in order to keep C N’R consistently maintaining your property from week to week.
As far as the week of July 17th is concerned, it seems like it is going to be hot with several rounds of Thunderstorms which reportedly could contain heavy rainfall at times. Remember, when it rains during the day and shuts our mow teams down, that means we do fall behind, and creates a ripple affect through the rest of the week. Hopefully things will work out where we complete all mowing this week by the end of Friday.

UPDATED 7/9/17:
Last week was a holiday week and it was a bit sloppy. We knew this going into that week as you read previous updates below. C N’R mow teams did complete their weekly mowing schedules on Saturday, July 8th. We hope everyone had a great/safe 4th of July!
THIS WEEK? Week of July 10th. Looks like the only weather item that may affect us is late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning where we may get some rumbling storms that may delay our day on Wednesday a bit. If that occurs, obviously it is a chain reaction to the rest of the week. Other than that, we do not have any special plans for this week and hopefully we can finish on-time! (if weather does cooperate!)

UPDATED 6/26/17: **NOTE: Our next update will occur sometime during the week of July 10th.

This week looks like there will be some bumps once again. We cannot predict the exact weather of course, and/or the exact timing of rain events, but we have 2-3 shots this week and this could put a damper on our weekly mowing schedule to get completed on time (by the end of Friday). If you see wetness frequently enough, assume we might fall behind. We understand, technically the weekend ahead is a “holiday weekend” with July 4th on the following Tuesday and we will try to get everyone completed by the end of Friday. Cross our fingers! If rain does hit and it seems we might fall behind schedule, feel free to EMAIL RYAN and he can give you the latest on scheduling.

SPEAKING OF THE 4TH OF JULY: Our plan is to have our mow teams out on Monday, July 3rd. If weather is nice and really cooperates, we will get all our “normally scheduled” Monday lawns completed, and with any luck, we will try to work a little ahead and possibly mow some “normally scheduled” Tuesday lawns.
Then, on Tuesday, July 4th - all mow crews will be observing the holiday. Back at it on Wednesday and already behind schedule. So, next week (week of July 3rd) will likely be behind schedule for most of the week, and any potential rain could easily drive us into the following weekend to complete our weekly mowing schedules.

Once again, we will not be updated things until the week of July 10th, and we want to wish you a fun and safe Independence Day celebration!

UPDATED 6/19/17:

This current week looks to be cool with temps, but still some shots at some rain which could dampen our progress. With the current forecast, we will not be surprised to see some delays with our weekly mowing service this week, and possibly a delay into the weekend. We will see when these rains arrive. The more it rains at night, the better chances at us staying on scheduled. EMAIL RYAN with any weekly mowing questions you may have.

SNEAK PEAK AT 4TH OF JULY WEEK? The 4th of July falls on a Tuesday this year. Current plan for our weekly mowing teams is to have a normal day on Monday. If weather is good on Monday, the teams may work a bit ahead and mow some Tuesday lawns that day. Tuesday? We are not exactly sure yet. At the most, we may have our mow teams work a half day this day. Then, Wednesday, we continue to mow for the week, and likely behind schedule for most of the week thereafter. Stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATED 6/13/17:

Last week (week of June 5th) was completed on schedule. It got hot and dry quick that week and a little before. This caused lawns to burn out quite a bit in some places. We used our best judgment and stayed off some of the most burnt lawns.
This week (week of June 12th) - we did receive some good rains, so lawns are coming back and all lawns will likely be caught up and be mowed this week whether you were skipped last week or not.
And speaking of rain, Monday 6/12 we were rained out early, so a little behind going into Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday (with good weather) it is likely we catch up, and then complete this week’s mowing schedule on-time by the end of Friday - again, depends on the weather!

UPDATED 6/5/17:

Not to jinx anything, but boy are we glad to see this week! Over the past few weeks, definitely been an uphill battle with rain and consistency with our mowing schedules. Looks like this week is going to be nice. Should make for an “on-time” mowing schedule. This is strange to us because we really have only had one week that has been on-time this season, and it is strictly because of the weather. Now that rains seemed to be spaced out and/or just with afternoon heat, hopefully we can develop a long last streak. We will see how it plays out.

UPDATED 5/30/17:

For the weeks of May 15th & May 22nd - thank goodness they have passed. Please read previous updates below to review those couple of weeks.
What we have currently is the week of May 29th - which is the week of Memorial Day. Memorial Day was an observed holiday for C N’R, and there was no weekly mowing services executed that day. So, starting this week, we start on a Tuesday one-day behind schedule. Therefore, if all works out and we have absolutely ZERO rain delays, we have a shot of catching up and have all lawns cut by the end of Friday this week. Otherwise, it could get into Saturday before we complete our schedules.
Please EMAIL RYAN if you are looking for more details on our schedule.

UPDATED 5/23/17:

Once again, to catch up, please read the past couple of updates below.

Here is the latest:
Our May 15 weekly mow schedule was completed on the following week, Monday, May 22. We do not think we really need to explain why when it comes to the weather we have been receiving. We are doing all that we can.

So, with that said, going into Tuesday, May 23 - this is the week prior to the holiday weekend ahead. We are starting our “Monday Mow Schedule” on Tuesday, so we are still running behind schedule and as long as weather holds up, we should be able to complete our full weekly schedule by the end of Saturday, May 26.

THE WEEK OF MEMORIAL DAY? Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 29 - and we may get out mowing that day for some commercial properties, etc. But, it depends on how the week prior ends up going. So, likely, the week of May 29 will be starting off behind schedule whether the weather is bad or good just because it is a holiday.

Thank you all for your patience, and if you have further questions, please EMAIL RYAN.

UPDATED 5/19/17:

First off - please read the previous update below to get you up to speed.

At the end of the day on Friday, we have not officially completed our entire weekly mow schedule. With a 100% chance at rain tomorrow (Saturday, 5/20) - we are pretty darn certain we will not be getting any mowing in. Sunday, 5/21 - we will attempt to get back out to finish our weekly mowing schedule from the week of May 15th. Yes, we know that the grass is long and is growing fast, but we cannot finish a 5 day mowing schedule in 3 days that were given to us this week. It is what it is, and if at worst Sunday does not work out to finish everything, then Monday it is…
Please EMAIL RYAN with any questions, and as always, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

UPDATED 5/17/17:

During the week of May 15th, we are receiving massive volumes of rain once again. We are trying to get out in-between bouts of rain, and getting as much done as we can. Grass is growing at a great clip as well, and some lawns that are growing extremely fast do not even look mowed at all over the past couple weeks. To the eye, that may seem so, but it is not necessarily true. Going into Thursday, May 18th, we are at least a full day behind schedule. More rain Friday and through the weekend may cause us not even to be able to finish all lawns this week by the end of the weekend. C N’R WILL have mow teams out if it is nice enough and dry enough whether it is a weekday or weekend day to put full effort into trying to catch up. But, at this time, we cannot guarantee anything. Please have patience. We cannot mow when it is either raining or it is too wet - it really is as simple as that, and we want you to know we are doing everything we can.
Thanks again for your patience. EMAIL RYAN if you have any further questions.

UPDATED 5/9/17:

As stated on the front page, we did start our weekly mowing service during the week of April 24th. And continued obviously during the week of May 1st. But, these were not full weeks because weather stunk, plus some lawns needed to be cut, some did not. This week will be our first official full-week because everything will get cut with the nice weather, and things are really growing now after all those rainy days. As far as working on our schedules, and consistency - this week is the first test for that as we are mowing all properties. We will likely be “feeling” out our schedules for a couple of weeks here as we get used to them before we settle in better. Weather forecast for this week looks to help us easily be on schedule and finished up by the end of Friday.

UPDATED 5/2/17:

Last week was our first week of weekly mowing. With the short/rocky week that we had, it was an impossible week to cut every property. C N’R checked on all properties and cut only the ones that absolutely needed it. There were about 30% of C N’R customers that were NOT mowed that week, and will get mowed this week.
SPEAKING OF THIS WEEK? We do start the week with mega rainfall on Monday. Crews did get out on Tuesday, one-day behind. The good news is weather looks pretty darn good the rest of the week and we will try to complete all lawns by the end of Friday, but a few may leak into Saturday. EMAIL RYAN with further questions.

UPDATED 4/25/17:

C N’R weekly mowing service has kicked off this week. As we spoke about on the front page, weather is a problem once again to start this year, so expect a shaky mow schedule until further notice. Also, through the process of gearing our crews up with new schedules and learning new tweaks, etc. - please not it takes time for us to settle in with that. We will definitely do our best, and having nice weather helps a ton, but with the larger mass of rain we are experiencing mid-week of the week of April 24th, things are going to be shaken up. Please EMAIL RYAN if you are looking for more info about our weekly mowing schedule/status.

UPDATED 4/18/17:

We will be starting to cut some (probably not all) lawns starting the week of April 24th. Will it be a perfectly scheduled week? Not likely. Linger affects of our rainy weather affecting our spring clean up process will make for some spring clean up work to be completed during the week of April 24th. So, our crews will not be exactly comfortable during this “technically” first week of mowing. Expect a rocky start as usual for mowing and let us settle in our schedules over the next few weeks. Please EMAIL RYAN with any questions.

UPDATED 4/10/17:

At this time, our plan is to start our Weekly Mowing service during the week of April 24th - depending on grass growth. With the early spring, warmer temps, and enough bouts of rain/moisture, we are pretty confident we will need to start cutting by then. More info to come as we head closer.

UPDATED 3/21/17:

If we are able to start our spring clean up service around April 3rd (as projected) there is a good chance at seeing our weekly mowing service start by the end of April. This will depend on temperature and moisture and how soon the grass greens up and starts growing. We will keep you posted right here!

UPDATED 2/27/17:
C N’R weekly mowing service is still out-of-season, but at this time, we are seeing signs that spring could come early. Therefore, our weekly mowing service may start early. Typically we do not start weekly mowing until late-April, or early May. We will keep you posted on start-date news as we get closer.