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Area: Chanhassen, Excelsior, Shorewood, Western Minnetonka (W. of Hwy 101)

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Latest Update -

UPDATED 12/7/17:
All first round cleanups in this zone have been completed.


Past Updates


UPDATED 11/27/17:
The goal is to be back into this zone for SECOND ROUND clean ups that are in need sometime late the week of 11/27 or more likely early during the week of 12/4. All depends on progress early during the week of 11/27.

UPDATED 11/20/17:
This zone has been completed. Plans to come back for second round clean up work in this zone are not available yet and will depend on weather conditions over the next couple of weeks. We will update again when we know more about that.

UPDATED 11/13/17:
This zone is currently in progress. By mid-late week of November 13th, we expect to be completed with this zone one time through. Plans to come back into this zone for a second round are not available at this time, and if time permits this season, we will be back for some second round clean ups - just all depends on weather.

UPDATED 11/6/17:
(our next update will not be posted/completed until around November 14th. For more information needed, please wait for the next update)

This zone should be complete by the end of the week of November 6th. If any weather delays were to happen between the time of update and November 10th, this projection may prove to be in-accurate. More updates to come during the first half of the week of November 13th.

UPDATED 11/1/17:
C N’R is expected to get into and finish this zone during the week of November 6th. We understand this is a wide projection, but due to uncertainty in the current weather, it is tough to pinpoint timing. Stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATED 10/26/17:
The week of October 23rd was rough to progress with any great speed, therefore our goals in this zone during this week were crushed. We do plan to get back into this zone to complete some (not all) clean up work during the week of October 30th. After that, at this time, we do not have an exact plan quite yet. Check back for more updates during the week of October 30th - we will post it as soon as we know it!

UPDATED 10/16/17:
There will be a chunk of properties that will be cleaned up during the latter part of the week of October 23rd in this zone. NOT all properties will be touched up. Remember, this is just a first phase of clean ups and we have plans to come back. If you are a customer that DOES get cleaned up during this time period, know that our plan is to come back. If you are a customer that does not get touched up during the week of October 23rd, know that we will be back as well later on. Stay tuned for changing updates right here!!




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